Plastic toilet partition accessories

Toilet partition accessories made of high-quality plastic are popular products on the market because of their low price and relatively good durability. If you are having difficulty with the cost of sanitary installation, plastic accessories are a very suitable choice, both bringing high aesthetics and saving costs for the user.

Technical specifications of black plastic partition accessories

Chất liệu phụ kiện

Phụ kiện vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

Màu sắc

nhựa đen

Ứng dụng

vách ngăn vệ sinh compact và mfc

Độ dày khe

12mm / 18mm

Đặc tính

Chống ăn mòn, chống cháy, dễ làm sạch

Chất lượng


Chống ăn mòn


Chống va đập


Cường độ chịu tải


Nhà cung cấp

Vách ngăn vệ sinh TOKY


 Phụ kiện vách ngăn vệ sinh nhựa | Phụ kiện compact, mfc

What does a set of plastic partition accessories include?
Accessories are made from the main raw material of high-quality plastic, characteristic black color, distributed directly by TOKY toilet partition supplier.

Plastic toilet partition accessories are mainly used in the installation of restrooms and public bathrooms, suitable for all design spaces.

The complete composition of a set of plastic accessories includes: 2 hinges (1 set), 1 handle, 1 lock, 2 legs, 1 hanger and 10 corner brackets.

Chân vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

Khóa vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

Tay nắm vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

Móc áo vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

bản lề vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa Ke góc vách ngăn vệ sinh bằng nhựa

Accessories can be used for both compact and mfc panel systems 12mm and 18mm thick to meet a variety of customer needs.

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What is the price of plastic toilet partition accessories?
The outstanding feature of this type of plastic toilet partition is that it is made from high-quality solid plastic, so it is much cheaper than other popular materials such as 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, and high-quality alloys.

Accessory quotes are mainly influenced by the number of accessory sets requested by the customer. In particular, this plastic accessory is only sold as a set, not sold separately as individual accessory components.

Phụ kiện vách ngăn vệ sinh nhựa

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As a direct importer, in large quantities, without intermediaries, TOKY Toilet Partitions confidently brings customers good quality toilet partition products in general, and toilet partition accessories in particular, at good prices. cheapest on the market.

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