Black stainless steel 304 toilet partition accessories

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What makes black 304 stainless steel toilet wall accessories stand out?

The black 304 stainless steel partition accessory set is not a new accessory model, it is quite commonly used due to its luxurious color, extremely easy to coordinate with all partition colors.

304 stainless steel accessories are essentially still accessories made from genuine 304 stainless steel material, so they have all the same features and functions as the popular 304 stainless steel accessories. However, black accessories have quite eye-catching colors so they are chosen by many investors.

Complete set of black 304 accessories including: hinges, locks, hangers, handles, wall legs. Please see detailed products below. If you need other black accessory models that are not available on the website, please contact us directly for support.

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Retail price list of black 304 toilet partition accessories

Genuine black 304 stainless steel accessories are not available in large quantities, waiting time is 2-5 days. Customers with urgent needs contact us directly for the fastest quote and ordering support.

Below is the price list of genuine 304 stainless steel black toilet wall accessories:

STT Tên sản phẩm ĐVT SL



304 6-hole hinge (1 set of 2)

Bộ 1 160.000

V2 leg is 100cm high

Chiếc 1 95.000

V2 leg is 150cm high

Chiếc 1 115.000

lock up

Chiếc 1 85.000

TN handle

Chiếc 1 55.000

TN1 handle

Chiếc 1 50.000

Ke corner

Chiếc 1 15.000


Chiếc 1 20.000

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